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The SAT® is a 3 hours test that measures i) Evidence-based Reading and Writing and ii) Math reasoning skills. The score for Evidenced-based Reading and Math will be reported on an 800-point scale each making a total of 1600 points. The New SAT does not require direct use of vocabulary; instead, the words have to be understood so that they can be used in contextual settings. The New SAT has no negative markings. The multiple-choice options have been reduced from 5 to 4 choices. The scores are valid for 4 years. The test is administered five times a year (August, October, December, March & May) in India and can be attempted more than once. Different schools have different SAT® score requirements. Better scores result in better chances of admission to universities. The Evidence-Based Reading section is 65 minutes long with 52 questions, all of which are passage-based and multiple choice. All questions are evidence-based that require the student to analyze and interpret the information given in the passages. Passages may be single or paired with informational graphics such as charts or tables. The passages will be drawn from the U.S and World Literature, History/Social Studies, and Science.

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